Engineering Futures, Constructing Partnerships

It’s been an incredible journey for Mech Tech over the last ten years, from our foundation in 2014, through many ups and downs, to the present day which finds us strong, growing, and looking forward to the future.

We empower businesses by solving one of their biggest challenges: finding the right people.

We’re not just recruiters; we’re problem-solvers and enablers, helping to lift businesses by ensuring they have the talent they need to succeed.

We’re about more than just recruitment; we’re about powering the growth of our industries and the careers of our professionals, putting our customers at the heart of everything we do.

We don’t fill a vacancy; we understand the precise needs of both the role and the individual, to ensure the perfect match.

Brand Values


Embodying our bold approach to business, we demonstrate our willingness to take calculated risks and make decisive choices in the face of uncertainty. We are depended on by our clients, candidates, and our team, to always make the right decisions for them.


Reflecting our culture of curiosity and continuous learning, we stay ahead in our dynamic industries by seeking new knowledge, understanding market trends, and innovating. This helps us to understand those who depend on us, and to adapt, from top-to-bottom.


Our commitment to providing help and assistance to everyone we interact with is paramount. We foster a nurturing environment for our team and offer robust support for clients, candidates, and our team. This ensures that all parties feel valued and aided. We are grounded in collaborative success.


We operate with a strategic approach to relationships, where long-term collaborations are valued over transactional interactions. We build partnerships so that we work closely with clients, candidates, and stakeholders, to achieve mutual goals.

We Work Amongst the Best

Our corporate membership with the Recruitment & Employment Confederation means that we are amongst the best and re-assures our Clients and Candidates that we run a compliant and efficient recruitment business.

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Striving to Deliver

As members of the FSB we have access to market leading business services provided specifically for SME’s. They enable us to ensure that our business is always running in the most professional and efficient way possible while in line with current legislation.

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Striving for Excellence

As Labour Supply Members at ARCA we aim to achieve the highest industry standards, we ensure we meet stringent health & safety and quality control guidelines expected of our industry and its people. ARCA members are seen as the specialists in the Asbestos industry, and are recognised for professionalism and quality of work. Therefore, clients know when they choose ARCA members they are selecting from the very best in the industry.

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Fast Growth 50

Wales Fast Growth 50 is the definitive guide to the fastest growing indigenous firms in the Welsh economy. We have reached number 40 on the list, grown over 115% in the last few years and are so proud of all of our employees that have helped us grow over this time!

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ISO 9001 Registered

ISO 9001 is an International Standard against which the Quality Management System of our business can be evaluated. It demonstrates we are customer focused and provide a consistent high-quality service.

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