Project Manager

Added 8 May 2024

Project Manager

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: DPO Experience

Sector: Engineering

Location: Hampshire

About this Role

Are you a master of orchestrating large-scale multi-trade projects with a laser-sharp focus on Industrial Marine or Offshore environments? I’m looking for a strategic visionary, someone who breathes life into the blueprint of complex undertakings, steering them from conception to triumphant completion.

As the lynchpin of our operational excellence, you’ll be the force behind embedding robust systems on site. It’s not just about keeping the gears turning; it’s about refining the machine. From meticulous planning of project work scopes to the artful juggling of procurement and materials reconciliations – your hands shape the success of every detail.

Compliance isn’t a box-ticking exercise under your watch; it’s the heartbeat of the project. You’ll balance the scales, managing and monitoring target costs with an eagle eye, ensuring every penny works as hard as you do.

When challenges arise, you don’t just face them – you dismantle them with the precision of an 8D/5 Why reporting process that you lead with tenacity. Your drive for operational advancement isn’t just about elevating projects; it’s about pushing the entire industry forward.

📧 Ready to take the helm? Cast your resume into the waters of opportunity at or dive into an informal conversation by calling 02922 672734.

Together, let’s set the sails for unparalleled success in a realm where only the most disciplined and dynamic thrive.

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