Open Points Process Manager

Added 10 May 2024

Open Points Process Manager

Job Type: Full Time

Salary: Competitive

Sector: Engineering

Location: Bristol

About this Role

New Vacancy – OPEN POINTS PROCESS MANAGER – Perm – Bristol

🛠️ The role in focus: Open Points Process Manager. A linchpin in bringing structure to chaos, ensuring seamless flow and meticulous management of project intricacies. If you’re the maestro in harmonising project cadences, this is your stage.

🔍 Your mission is multifaceted:
– Steering the OP ship with deftness, commanding the revered project instruction INS-UKEPR-359.
– Spearheading the OPM IT tool whilst also diving deep into the intricacies of critical Open Points.
– Orchestrating the weekly symphony of L2 OP coordination and driving pivotal “Clarification Meetings”.
– Crafting and curating KPIs that narrate the saga of process efficacy.
– Upholding the very backbone of Technical Management reporting within the HPC Project’s revered governance.

💡 Bringing to life a responsive and adaptive OP landscape, you are the advocate for continuous improvement, the vigilant monitor of L1 Open Points, and the strategic weaver of stakeholder relationships.

🎓 You’re not just any candidate. You’re the standard-bearer with:
– A relevant degree and a robust 5-year track record in engineering leadership or project management.
– A storied past with Nuclear New Build, EPR, or PWR experiences.
– A grasp on the EPR design, engineering processes and project management that is nothing short of extensive.
– An appreciation for the UK’s regulatory tapestry, finely woven with laws and best practices.

Desirable Qualifications, Experience and Skills
• Working knowledge of the French language;
• Experience in transverse technical coordination
• Good overall technical background

✨ Your leadership is steeped in technical expertise, carved from a highly regulated crucible. Communication, collaboration, and engagement skills? Exceptional. Your team management is exemplary, nurturing yet focused on achieving exemplary safety and quality standards.

📥 Ready to navigate this journey? Cast your CV to or ring for a no-strings chat: 02922 672734.

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