Mechanical Construction Lead Engineer

Added 31 May 2024

Mechanical Construction Lead Engineer

Job Type: Full Time


Sector: Engineering; Construction

Location: Hinkley

About this Role

Mechanical Construction Lead Engineer – Hinkley Point C – Perm Position

In the bustling world of mechanical construction, one role stands out as pivotal – the Mechanical Construction Lead Engineer. Entrusted with steering the project ship, their mission is crystal clear: navigating the intricate web of mechanical activities within the concrete walls of innovation. It’s a quest to meet the drumbeat of Project timelines, with the Project Manager as their lighthouse.

Success hinges on more than faultless delivery. Safety isn’t just a box to tick; it’s the cornerstone of every move made . When the Mechanical Lead dawns their hard hat, they aren’t just overseeing pipes and pistons – they’re guardians of a culture that prizes “safety first.” From the formulas etched on their plans to the bolts tightening under their watch, nuclear and industrial safety interweave, forming an impenetrable shield against harm.

Transformation from blueprints to handover is no minor feat. It takes meticulous preparation, a symphony of procurement, and an eagle eye for the interplay between sprawling programmes. And they do it with the sleight of hand that turns obstacles into stepping-stones. A true conductor of piping harmony .

Yet, it’s not enough to follow the beat; you must anticipate the tune. The Lead drives forward, with L4 schedule in hand, peering into the future 4 to 16 weeks at a time. Stay updated, stay two steps ahead – that’s their mantra. Risk? They meet it head-on with cunning foresight. It’s more than engineering; it’s the art of the possible.

They don’t just lead; they inspire. By spurting the seeds of Nuclear Safety and Quality culture, they do more than construct – they cultivate excellence. It’s a playground of never-ending improvement fuelled by “right first-time”-wisdom and a collage of shared good practices.

Qualifications / Skills:
• Mechanical Engineer in erection/maintenance scopes with a background in preparation and execution of Mechanical activities (Piping and Equipment
installation) preferably in nuclear sector.
• Wealth of experience in a similar role including significant experience in equivalent missions.
• A strong technical interest, particularly in the field of construction or maintenance of industrial installations is essential.
• Ability to implement field operational experience and integrate OPEX
• A mastery of computer tools is essential: manipulation of massive data under Excel, Power BI, 3D model…
• Successful experience in project management would be an added value.
• Strong adaptability and autonomy.
• Knowledge of EPR model would be advantageous
• Successful experience in multi-cultural and international projects would also be appreciated.
• Strong interest for new challenges and major projects.
• The candidate must have the ability to interact with several stakeholders (MEH contractors, Joint Design Office, Procurement…).

CV to or call for an informal chat on 02922 672734

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